Tuesday, September 2, 2008

the most awesome news!!!

Yesterday, early evening, my husband and I were in our "front" room (school room / office) along with about three of our children. I was busy cleaning and organizing, hubby was playing with the telescope, and the older kids were helping me put things away.

At this particular moment, I was sitting in a glider, threading ribbon through some bookmarks from Child Evangelism Fellowship (http://www.cefonline.com/) that I had received at a training class. They're color coded for the "wordless Bible", having ribbons matching color coded bookmarks. Well, one bookmark has a picture of a black heart (which stands for unsaved / does not know Jesus as personal Savior), another has a picture of a white heart (which stands for saved/ born again beliver in Jesus Christ). (There are other colors & symbols, but for now, this is what we're talking about.) All of our children have seen these bookmarks and so it was normal for them to see me threading the ribbons through the hole punched bookmarks.

Princess 5 walked up to me, looked at what I was doing, and said, "I have a black heart and you have a white heart." EYE OPENER!! Yes, Princess 5 has my undivided attention along with my husbands. I asked her, "Well, do you want to do something about that?" She replied, "Well, yeah!" (insert "DUHHH!" was the attitude.) Being in the ministry (hubby is a Baptist pastor), we make sure we do not force Christ on our children, nor push them to be saved. We want them to be convicted on their own and come to us. This is exactly how this happened. My hubby and I gently questioned her about sin, her need for salvation, and when it came time to pray, she was reluctant at first, and I told her, Princess 5, "I can't pray for you. You have to pray yourself." So, as I am holding her in my lap, she buried her head in my neck, and prayed. Her sweet words were simple, yet tear jerking. I have no doubt that the angels are rejoicing because my youngest child has professed Christ as her personal Savior. I can't wait for Sunday!!!

I am a firm believer that our children need to know Christ while they are still young. We do not know what the future holds for them. I am very blessed to have been a part of all 7 of my children's salvation experiences. Kinda interesting to note...6 were saved when they were 5 years old and one was 6. Prince 2 probably would have been saved at 5 if he understood he didn't have to get baptised immediately as he's afraid of the water.

I think I'm the happiest mama in the world right now.

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