Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Out of Control by Mary Connealy


I read Out of Control by Mary Connealy and published by BethanyHouse. This Historical Fiction novel is Book 1 of The Kincaid Brides. It is set in Colorado Territory in 1866.

Rafe, Seth and Ethan Kincaid grew up near a cavern. After an accident in the cavern, Rafe never wanted to go inside of another one again, Ethan left the ranch as soon as he was old enough, and Seth was a little on the crazy side. Unfortunately, a young woman, Julia Gilliland, found herself stuck inside the cavern with no way out and someone had been after her. She was scared being inside there and Rafe was scared to go get her. However, he did. It was funny because he kept thinking how beautiful she was even though he couldn't see her at all due to the darkness of the cavern.

Julia, her father Wendell, step-mother Audra, and baby Maggie live in a shack near the cavern. Wendell isn't all he's cracked up to be and even goes by a different name in town. The rest of his family isn't allowed to go in town so Julia finds something to do. Since she loves to explore, the cavern is a perfect place to spend hours at. She is excited when she finds fossils in the cavern. Unfortunately, someone is watching her.

Although I won't tell you who the creeper is, I will say that you will find out but it probably won't be who you expect it to be.

This book is exciting to read. I enjoyed the journey and can relate to being inside a cavern and not being able to see my hand in front of my face. I would have been super scared if I had been stuck inside a dark, damp cavern.

I received this book for free from BethanyHouse in order to review. No other compensation was received or expected.

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