Monday, October 24, 2011

Day 11 Detox, Day 8 Raw Vegan

Today went pretty well. We had strawberry smoothie at breakfast, black bean salad at lunch, and mix & match for supper - basically, whatever you can find. :)

Nate decided he didn't care for the almond milk so I bought him some coconut milk. We'll see if that's good tomorrow when we eat our Muesli. :)

I'm not craving anything but I would like to eat a good steak or chicken. Just because I know it would taste yummy. :)

I have noticed my ankles haven't been swollen at all throughout this whole diet. I do have more energy, however, I am ready for bed by 10, 10:30 and so now, it's past my bedtime. :) Have a good night!

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