Friday, November 18, 2011

Man it's been a busy day!

I took two of my girls grocery shopping and it took about 2 hours just to grab some necessary ingredients. We've been busy making desserts for the church bake sale for tomorrow. Natalie made homemade, well, they're all homemade, apple pies, Courtney made pecan pies, Bethany made coconut pie, and I've made a pumpkin roll so far. I'm still going to make pumpkin chip muffins and finish the roll. The roll is currently cooling in a powdered sugar coated towel. It smells heavenly in this house!! :) Oh almost forgot, since Natalie had cut up too many apples, we also made applesauce. It's pretty good too. Now Nat is making the mix for cookies although she is selling the cookies and one of her apple pies to a former coworker.

Anyway, I'm a little tired of cooking so I'm resting. Do you ever get that way? I'm glad I'm not on a timetable. Oh wait! I am. At least they're not due until tomorrow. I can always get up in the morning and make the muffins. :) That way we can eat some for breakfast. :)


  1. Me too! Haha It looked very good. We raised over $300! It was great!