Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Marcee's Story: "My Hero"

Please enjoy my daughter's short story.

My Hero

He turned the phone's volume higher as he pulled out of the parking lot.

"Are you sure this is the right address?" he asked as he drove down the highway.

"Have I ever been wrong?" the voice boomed out of the phone.

"Well, I think that that's up for debate but..." he paused, wondering why he had ever said that. "Never mind. I have the address. I'll call you back when the job's done. Bye." He hung up before his boss could respond. He was in enough hot water at home, and he didn't need to start looking for a new job.

"Umm, what's the name of that street? Uh...oh, yeah, it's Oak Street. Okay, Oak Street. Oak Street..." he kept repeating the name so he didn't forget it. "Ahh, here it is. Now, 1911, 1911. Wow I bet the kids there can remember how to call the cops. I mean, it's in the name. Oops, I almost passed it." He pulled up into a steep driveway next to a red mom-van. "Wow. 30 thousand dollar house, 50 cent car." he mused as he parked his car. He stepped out, his brown hair flying around in the wind. He saw a couple of kids playing around, but not very many. One of them poked their head inside the house he was about to go in, yelled something, and then ran off. A little boy of about 7 years of age approached him.

"What are you doing here?" the little kid asked.

"Well," he said crouching, "I have to go inside and fix something inside." 

"Oh. Okay. What's your name?" he asked.

"My name," he said, "is Mr. T. I have to go now. I will see you later." He stood up and headed toward the door. He had to do his job. He had to save these people. He had to fix the rich people's TV. He was:
Mr. TV Dude!!

The End!! I hope you enjoyed the story of my hero!! Bye!! 

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