Friday, November 4, 2011

A Plain & Fancy Christmas Review

A Plain & Fancy Christmas was written by Cynthia Keller. It is the story of two babies switched at birth who find out about it after they are grown adults. One woman, Ellie, should have grown up Amish and the other woman, Rachel, should have grown up in the big city with lots of money and "stuff". However, due to a doctor's mistake and his wife's cover-up, they went to the wrong homes.

When the doctor's wife writes the young ladies about the switch, Ellie chooses to drive to see Rachel for herself. Immediately she knew the letter wasn't a hoax. Rachel looked just like her family. Both girls decide to get to know their "real" parents and family members. Rachel happens to be a widow with a young daughter and taking her to the big city wasn't necessarily a good idea.

I did not like the end concerning Rachel. She make some choices that I do not believe would have been in her daughter's best interest and as a mother and as a member of the Amish church, she should not have done what she did. As for Ellie, she made some good decisions and I liked her character.

I received this book for free from Amazon Vine in exchange for my honest opinion. No other compensation was received or expected.

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