Saturday, January 14, 2012

Items for Sale

Ok. I'm biting the bullet and listing stuff for sale. I'm a homeschool product junkie and hate to get rid of stuff, but I'm not using this so it's got to go. All items DO NOT include shipping.

EVERYTHING IS OBO so PLEASE make offers if you don't think my prices are fair. I need stuff to go. Please tag me or message me. And if you have ANY questions, please ask. :)

  • A Beka Basic Math 7 Teacher Key; Solution Key $10 plus shipping
  • A Beka Arithmetic 5 3rd edition Work-text Teacher Edition $4 plus shipping
  • A Beka Arithmetic 5 4th edition Work-text answer key $8 plus shipping
  • A Beka Algebra 2 second edition: 2 Student books; Solution Key; Test/Quiz Key; 2 tests/quizzes (some of one used for first few pages – other one has no writing on tests/quizzes) $40 plus shipping
  • A Beka Pre-Algebra 2nd edition: Teacher Key; Solution Key; Tests & Quiz Key $18 plus shipping
  • Pre-Algebra Tutor Volume 1 from Math Tutor: 5 hour video tutorial $10 plus shipping (2cd’s)
  • BJU Geometry  3rd edition: Student book; Teacher’s Edition; Activities Manual; Activities Manual Teacher’s Edition; 2 copies of the tests; Test answer key $30 plus shipping
  • Math-U-See fraction overlays (missing 1 green, 1 orange, 1 blue, 1 purple and the clear half size guides – you can make your own from paper) $10 plus shipping
  • Math Shortcuts to ACE the SAT*1  $3 plus shipping

  • A Beka Science of the Physical Creation 2nd edition: student book; Lab Manual; $15 plus shipping
  • Light Speed Chemistry AP Exam Prep $10 plus shipping
  • Friendly Chemistry set $20 plus shipping   
  • A Beka God’s Gift of Language A 2nd edition Teacher Edition work-text (4th grade); Test Key; Spelling & Vocab. Test key $5 plus shipping
  • A Beka God’s Gift of Language B 2nd edition Teacher Edition work-test (5th grade); Spelling & Vocab test key; Spelling, Vocab & Poetry Teacher Edition $5 plus shipping
  • A Beka God’s Gift of Language C 2nd edition Teacher Edition work-text  (6th grade) $3 plus shipping
  • A Beka Grammar & Composition I Teacher Key 5th edition (7th grade); Grammar & Comp Teacher Qz/Test key; Vocab, Spelling, Poetry Teacher Key; Vocab, Spelling, Poetry Teacher qz key $15 plus shipping
  • A Beka Grammar & Composition 2 fourth edition Teacher Key (8th grade);  Grammar & Comp Tests/Qz; Test/Qz key; Vocab, Spelling, Poetry Teacher key; Vocab, Spelling, Poetry Teacher Key; English 8 Curriculum $15 plus shipping
  • A Beka Grammar & Composition 3 (9th grade) fourth edition work text (couple pages done in ink); Teacher Key; Vocab, Spelling, Poetry $7 plus shipping
  • BJU Writing & Grammar 11 Teacher’s Edition (2nd edition), & student book $20 plus shipping  
  • BJU Press World History Teacher’s Edition $20 plus shipping   
  • A Beka Primary Bible Reader $.50 plus shipping
  • A Beka: 5 - Widening Horizons (Modern McGuffey Reader) – writing on outside; Rosa; Noah Webster – cover bent and torn in one corner; Beyond the Horizon; Of America 1  $1.50 plus shipping
  • A Beka: 4 - Trails to Explore – cover bent and cut, few pages bent; Salute to Courage – cover bent; Flags Unfurled – cover bent; Adventures in Other Lands; Liberty Tree (older); Liberty Tree (newer) $1.50  plus shipping
  • A Beka: 2 – Silver Sails TE; Paths of Gold TE; Open Roads TE; Happiness Hill; Paths of Gold; Silver Sails; Sunshine Meadows $2.00 plus shipping
  • Johannes Kepler $4 plus shipping
  • Mighty Acts of God A Family Bible Story Book $10 ppd SOLD
  • Usborne Internet Linked Bugs $2 plus shipping
  • Sojourner Truth .50 plus shipping
  • The White Seneca $8 plus shipping
  • The Hiding Place $2 plus shipping
  • The Courage of Sarah Noble $2 plus shipping
  • The Bones & Skeleton Book set $4 plus shipping
  • Sounds of Joy & Yawn at Dawn (Kindergarten readers) $.50 plus shipping
  • The Children’s Illustrated Bible $13 plus shipping   
  • The Gift of Reading by Trudy Palmer book & flashcards $10 plus shipping
  • Rocket Phonics $30 plus shipping   
  • Brigance Diagnostic Comprehensive Inventory of Basic Skills $30 plus shipping
  • Poems Children Will Sit Still For $2 plus shipping
  • Peterson Directed Handwriting Grade 3 $10 plus shipping
  • Where the Brook & River Meet – A Literature Based Unit Study by Margie Gray (Cadron Creek) $20 plus shipping
  • Anne’s Anthology by Margie Gray $15 plus shipping
  • Senior High A Home Designed Form+U+La $12 plus shipping
  • TI 83/84 Calculator Tutorial by MathTutorDVD $10 plus shipping
  • Kaleidoscope Kreator 2.0 $12 ppd
  • Shakespeare for the Ears CD  (unopened) $6 plus shipping

  • The Young Brahms with study guide by Zeezok Publishing & Franz Schubert & His Merry Friends with study guide plus companion CD $12 plus shipping


  1. I posted this on the garage sale site, but can I get your all about reading/spelling books please? Thanks.