Wednesday, March 14, 2012


So, do you ever think of YOUR gallbladder? Funny thing is, I haven't. Ever. Well, until recently. For some unknown reason, my gallbladder has decided it wants me to know it's there. Seriously. It's very, very good at letting me know when I've done something naughty, like eaten pizza. Yep, it's not happy with me when I've done that. So, pizza is  now completely out of my diet. Won't be eating another bite. Totally not worth the 5 hours of pain it puts me through.

So far, I have thought that my "triggers" have been tea, almonds, and rice. I know I was wrong about the almonds and rice since I've had a little bit since those other attacks and no problems surfaced. So for now, I am avoiding tea still, which hasn't been easy, pizza, and any super greasy foods. I ate a taco salad shell and chips the other day and paid for it.

So glad I went through a detox back in the Fall. It helped me see what fruits and veggies could do for me. :) I really think that time of being mostly raw vegan helped kick start my metabolism because I've lost 25 pounds since October. YAY me! :) lol

I also learned in my detox classes to listen to my body. Well, Mr. Gallbladder, I'm listening. :)

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