Monday, July 23, 2012

The Difference In A Day

Oh wow. The difference one day can make. Well, yesterday, July 22, was my husband's birthday. Happy Birthday, Tom! It was also Sam's & Zoey's birthday. Now, I know you don't know Sam & Zoey, and I haven't met them either, but that will all change today. :) See, my neighbors, sweet friends of ours, delivered twins yesterday. They were a few weeks early but are doing well. So now, Shannan & Derek are parents. They have their hands full and I am so blessed to be so close that I will be able to help. I'm sure my kiddos will be glad to help as well. On a different note, it looks like Natalie has Nicaragua fever. She is so ready to go back!! She's already cancelled her college classes and is looking for plane tickets for September. I am pretty sure she'll be back on the field around the first part of September. Having a definite leave time will help me help her get the things done that need to be done: doctor for physical and shots, CPR and First Aid class, spreading the word, fundraising, putting unusable items in boxes then storage, purchasing tickets, and finally, moving. Am I missing anything? In the midst of all of this flurry, I still have to prepare for our co-op classes and our homeschool. I am SOOO glad I don't have to teach this semester. I don't think I will be worth a hill of beans as a teacher this year. Thankfully I can teach my kids at home easily. :) No pressure there. :) We're using Sonlight, so lots of reading. I can do this. :) Well, I'm off to get ready to go see those babies. I do hope this gives my oldest daughter and son-in-law baby fever...would love to have another grandbaby. ;)


  1. Oh how sweet! What a busy day! I just had friends move to Haiti as missionaries. It is exciting to see God work!

  2. It is exciting. :) God is soo good to let us share in this. :)