Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Month of Thanksgiving Day 25

5 years ago this past March, we buried my brother. He passed away the end of February which pushed his burial to March 1st. He was 41. Today, I'm thankful for my brother, Jake Hester. He would have been 47 on this very day. Yes, today is his birthday. Our birthdays have always been 2 weeks apart. I liked that mine was first even though he was almost 4 years older. :)

One of the perks of having an older brother were the cute guy friends he had. :) I was a tomboy and we all goofed off together. I remember skating (with our tennis shoes on) across our frozen pond one year and when a couple of people crashed and fell, the ice ended up cracking. You talk about people running off that ice. It was too funny. My dad used to drive the streets pulling a hood from a vehicle with us sitting on it on the icy roads. It was a TON of fun until he went around the corner too fast and some of the boys ended up in the neighbor's barbed wire fence. Thankfully I was not on the hood at the time. :)

Jake and I learned to drive in the "back 40" where Dad had a lot of old, junk cars. We loved going back there and driving crazy. I don't remember wrecking but I'm sure Jake did. ;) [I'm pretty sure I ran into a tree but I would have blamed it on him. lol]

So, today, Jakey-boy, thanks for the memories. I love you and miss you. I wish you were here to see all these kids I have and how awesome and amazing they are. You would be proud to see how much they've grown up. We love ya bro. :) See you soon! And tell Dad hey for me. :)

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