Wednesday, March 4, 2015


I feel the Lord leading me to write down my blessings so what better place to do so than here on my {almost extinct / needing to be resurrected} blog? :)

A few days ago we were in a financial panic. Well, I was. No one else seemed to be concerned about it. Back story - we've been through and taught Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University so we know what works. We just end up back at square one so many times.

Anyway, as I was scheduling all the bills for the month, I was right at $1,000.00 short in order to NOT pay interest on the one credit card we use for all monthly expenses such as food, gasoline, etc. I posted on Facebook the need and the next day (after being sad all that day - even lying on the couch and being all moody - funny how whiny we can become when things don't go our way) I felt the Lord lead me to sell some stuff. (Dave Ramsey would be proud to hear me say that.) So I did. I sold a few items. My son had owed me some money for auto insurance and rent and he paid that. My daughter bought supper for the family. The mailman delivered a $400 check from Costco. I deposited my work income. All of that left us $150 short. God was so good to provide this much. I didn't think He would care to provide the rest but boy was I wrong. One of our daughters had enough money left over from her expenses to pay the remaining $150. (She had owed us for past car expenses we had covered for her.) Now, for the month of March, all of my bills will be paid.

I cannot tell you how happy I am. God has ALWAYS provided for us. He has ALWAYS been with us. And get this - HE CARES! Not that working gains us favor with Him, but I did as He led and I even went and picked up an application for an additional part-time job. Since then, I've received a lead on a better job opportunity so I applied there instead. We'll see if anything comes from it. However, even if it doesn't, I know He is going to provide.

I leave you with 1 Peter 5:7 Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.

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