Friday, September 23, 2011

Aletheia Review


Aletheia, Greek for "truth" or "unveiling", is a magazine for Christian teens ages 13-19 to showcase their creative writing skills. I received the Fall 2011 copy showing a man presumed to be Jonah under the water with a dark outline of a big fish coming for him. The graphics are well drawn and the big fish that is coming from the deep reminds me of the time that I went snorkeling and when I swam over a sunken ship and saw the huge anchor, panicked. That was enough to entice me to pick up my copy and start reading. Thankfully the magazine did not evoke any panic attacks. :) Instead, it is a compilation of stories, poetry, and drawings from Christian teenagers.

Aletheia Writing Magazine offers the following:

  • A Writer's Challenge (A picture is posted and teens are encouraged to write a poem based on it or write a story that shows the proverb is true)
  • A Featured Contributor (A nice write up, photo, and story from the featured teen)
  • A Book Review
  • Glory to God for the Beauty of Nature (Beautiful photographs of nature)
  • Ancient Ink (Words from past people such as Socrates, Andrew of Crete, etc.)
  • and an interview or other feature for edification and enjoyment
The poems and stories Aletheia publishes are ones that reveal Christian truths in a variety of ways. What they don't want are those that deal with "sentimentalism, apologetics, legalism, preachiness, plainness, recreations of biblical stories or events, themes that focus on drugs/alcohol". So, knowing that, are you interested in this magazine? Are you a teen or have a teen that would benefit from this? If so, I encourage you to visit their website by clicking hereSubscriptions to this quarterly publication is $26 a year in the U.S. or $29 in Canada.

As for my family, writing isn't one of our strong suits but some of my kids draw really well, so maybe one day you'll see one of their drawings published in this magazine. :) I did find the publication to be put together well and imagine it will inspire teens to contribute to it.

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I was sent a copy of this magazine in order to review for the TOS Crew. No other compensation was received or expected and all opinions are my own.


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