Friday, September 23, 2011

Taking Control (From Bro. Marc)

    George found himself a widower after almost sixty years of marriage. He was not content to stay at home and feel sorry for himself so he decided to have some exciting adventures. He went to such places as Eureka Springs Arkansas, Six Flags Over Texas, and the island of Martinique.  His son was concerned about his welfare and suggested he act his age and quit gallivanting around. George counted by asking his son if he rather he stay home an die of boredom.
    Too often people are content to  be controlled by the negative influences of others and suffer through the less than ideal circumstances of life. Such an attitude brings nothing but misery and heartache. With God’s help it is imperative that a person take control of his life and get back to the business of living joyfully. The woman at the well found joy when she accepted the Lord as Savior and changed her life-style. The apostle Paul found contentment in every state of life by following the Lord.
    If you keep on doing the same old things you will get the same old results. If you are in a less than ideal state in life take control and seek God’s will. Don’t allow others to prevent you from being happy. Find the joy of the Lord which is your strength.

Bro. Marc is a friend of mine and has given me permission to publish his devotions on my blog. Thanks, Bro. Marc!

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