Thursday, September 22, 2011

Do Viruses Care What Gender You Are?

I am pondering something. Do viruses care if you are male or female? Do these germs sometimes know when to be lenient and when to release their wrath? I ask that because our family has gone through, and are prayerfully coming to the end of, a very nasty stomach bug. All 6 of my children at home plus my husband and myself had this. It started with our youngest, worked its way through the girls in the family, then started with the boys. Seriously. Girls were attacked first. One of our girls only had a couple hours of discomfort while I had a good twelve hours. Hubby was down for 2 days with it. One son "avoided (vomiting) like the plague" and never did. I will have to watch him and see if this virus lets him off the hook or not. The other son got no sleep because he was up constantly visiting the restroom. The majority of us were better within 24 hours. Since my system is purged of all foods, I am using this time to try to eat better. At least one good thing comes from stomach bugs. :)

But I still wonder, do viruses somehow know who to bring to their knees and who to let slide by?

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