Sunday, September 25, 2011

Where Could I Go But To The Lord? (From Bro. Marc)

This devotion really got my attention. I love how God has used Bro. Marc to call us to Him. Thanks, Bro. Marc, for being a willing vessel. :)

  Two hunters were scouting where to hunt the next day. Night soon approached and they became lost in the woods and could not find their way back to the campsite. Once they realized how dangerous their situation was they decided to pray. As they knelt to the ground they were able to see their campfire below the tree line. God has shown them the way home.
    We are often lost in the forest of despair and sorrow. Our attempts to make our way out of our emotional trauma fails and we are left with a sense of hopelessness. When all else fails we turn to God for direction. God is faithful and will help us to face our fears and show us the way back to hopefulness.
    Why is it we try everything we know to do before we turn to God? Are we fearful that God will turn His back on us and leave us in our plight? Are we afraid to turn everything over to God and give up control of our life? Whatever the reason when we do not turn to God make the situation worse. When trials come the first thing we should do is turn to God for direction. It will prevent a lot of heartache.

Bro. Marc is a friend of mine and has given me permission to publish his devotions on my blog. Thanks, Bro. Marc!

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