Monday, November 28, 2011


you either love it or hate it. Currently, I'm in the "I hate beef" mode. It might have to do with a possible case of food poisoning last night. See, I asked Tom to bring me home a Whataburger, which he gladly did. I had a burger with mayo all the way, non-salted fries, and powerade around 7 p.m. By ten, it felt like I had a bowling ball sitting on my diaphragm. It hurt from there all the way between my shoulder blades. My heart was acting up and I just knew it was a gas bubble and would go away soon. Fast forward to 3 a.m. and it's still bothering me. I can't sleep well. I end up making myself get rid of that burger and once it's all out of my system, I finally feel normal again. Now I'm just running on a little sleep and could use a nap. I think it was food poisoning because Tom had the same food (burger with mustard, same fries, and a lemonade) and he felt sick to his stomach but his only lasted an hour or less. Can we say, "No fair"!? At any rate, beef is not my friend at the moment.

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