Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Oops! Sorry God, I didn't mean to lie!!

Well, do you like it when your words turn on you and you become a liar? On Sunday, someone from church asked me what time I get up in the mornings and I said I'm always up around / by 7:30 to which my kids said totally different answers such as 8, 9:30, by noon, etc. All silly answers but apparently they really thought I slept late each morning. I was appalled at their answers and stressed the fact that I AM up at 7:30. Well, today, had Tom's alarm not gone off when it did, I still would have been asleep. It went off at 9 a.m.. O.o Oops!!! Sorry friends, I lied. :/ But it sure felt good to sleep in. :) Now, however, I'll be playing catch up to get school work done before I have to take Courtney to World Views.

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