Thursday, December 8, 2011


Most definitely I am thankful for today. It may be cold outside, but I am warm inside. :)

I am going to go see my oldest daughter and grandson today. Haven't seen them in a while now. But, the thing I'm most thankful for is my mom. I'm going to go to her house today and visit for a few days. She will turn 65 on Saturday. Even though I am now 42 , her age seems soooo far away. I know it's not and I'll be there sooner rather than later. I guess to me it seems like I've missed out on so much of her life since I've been married and had my own family. I don't know how many more years the Lord is going to keep her (or me) on this earth, so I want to make sure that I spend time with her while I can.

The last time I went to visit her I painted her nails. That was the FIRST time I had EVER done anything like that. It was a lot of fun. I painted them orange with black dots that looked like dice. She received a lot of compliments on them and I know it made her feel special. She is special. :) I love my mom. :)



  1. That is sweet. I'm inspired to offer my Mom some nail attention, though it won't be that cute.

  2. Jennifer - you can do it!! :) I had fun with it. I think just spending the time together is the most important part. :)