Monday, December 26, 2011

TVGuardian HD Part 2

Well, we've had the TVGuardian HD for a couple of weeks now and wanted to give you an update on our experiences. For the most part, it's more accurate than our older standard unit in that it catches the words before they are spoken. Our old unit would occasionally miss the word or phrase entirely and mute the phrase(s) after the inappropriate word had already been spoken. It isn't perfect though and has missed a word or two. I also have noticed that it glitches at times by showing the closed captioning on the screen even when no curse words are there. Since it depends on correct closed captioning, it can miss words. Some actors don't follow their scripts verbatim and any words that they add that is not included in the CC would not be filtered.

I do wish the Blu-ray movies had CC so that we could watch more movies with this wonderful filtering device. I'm sure that as technology advances, so will TVGuardian.

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