Wednesday, January 4, 2012

An Amish Wedding Review

YAY! I finally got my hands on a copy of An Amish Wedding in order to review. You know how much I love Amish fiction and this little book has three novellas in it. Just enough to whet my appetite for more. :)

Beth Wiseman, Kathleen Fuller and Kelly Long each write their own short story.

"A Perfect Secret", written by Kelly, starts the book off. This story is about a young Amish man, Luke Lantz, whose mother has passed away and he takes on the roll of caring for an Englisch homeless woman and her children. Luke steals from his community but is caught by a young woman, Rose Bender, who he happens to be engaged to. Since he dresses in Englisch clothes, he is hoping to conceal his identity but she quite enjoys the freedom this man has and enjoys his touch. Will they marry with these confusing emotions running rampant? Will he be caught by his community and shunned? Ahhh, I shant tell. :)

Kathleen writes "A Perfect Match". This story is about two single Amish people who are content being single. Naomi King has her own business as a baker and Zeke Lapp, who lives in another district, is a roofer / carpenter. Zeke comes into Naomi's district for his cousin Chester's wedding and meets Naomi and her friend Margaret. Naomi knows Margaret needs help in finding a husband, so she starts match-making. However, Zeke only has eyes for Naomi. Unfortunately, Naomi has been hurt by a former beau so she's not interested in love and has a hard time trusting. Will Zeke be able to capture her heart or will they continue being content in their single lives?

"A Perfect Plan" is last in the book and it is written by Beth. This novella is about Chester and Priscilla's wedding. Yes, the same wedding that Zeke comes into town for in "A Perfect Match." Poor Chester and Priscilla have obstacle after obstacle to over come and they question whether or not God is trying to tell them to not get married. You'll have to read to find out if God has someone else for them or if they're destined to be together.

My thoughts:
I really liked all three books. A Perfect Secret was more kissy-kissy whereas A Perfect Match seemed to have more substance and more character building, which I enjoyed more. I didn't like A Perfect Plan as much as I thought I would, but even though it wasn't my favorite, it was still good and worth reading.

I received this book for free in exchange for my honest opinion. No other compensation was received or expected.

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