Thursday, January 5, 2012

Samuel 3

I read Samuel chapter 3 this morning and something stood out to me. Well, actually a couple of things did. One: verse 7 states that Samuel did not yet know the Lord and verse 10 Samuel answers the Lord's calling. Two: God came to Samuel and called him. Samuel didn't go looking for God. Interesting.

My take? Well, I say that God is always calling us to Him. We have to learn to recognize His voice and when we do, ANSWER. God is persistent. He called to Samuel three times. Does it take us three times to recognize the still small voice? Ahhh God is good and patient. Thank you Heavenly Father for your grace. I love you!!


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog, Sweet Blessings! Nice to "meet" you! :)

    God will do what it takes to get our attention and sometimes that means calling us numerous times. Lovely words.

    1. I agree Jennifer. He is so patient with us!!