Sunday, January 22, 2012

What a crazy week!

Well, well, well. I can say without a doubt that this past week has been full of challenges for me and my family. Remember my last post on Tuesday? The one where I talked about Tom & I adopting and talking to my mom and what her reaction was? Well, that evening my mom starting having heart problems. Her left arm and chin went numb and she felt lots of chest pressure which turned into pain. My step-dad rushed her to the ER. After hours of being observed, they admitted her. Her blood pressure was dangerously high. Tom and I wanted to come up there but mom said to wait. So, we waited until Wednesday morning. We took off and I'm glad we did. Later that day, mom had a chemical stress test, which she failed. :( They had to give her nitro to get her heart to calm down and the numbness to go away since it came again during the test. After the test, she came back to her room and was told that she needed to have a heart cath the next day and that she has blockage in the front artery of her heart. She already has 3 stints and wasn't looking forward to more, but that was better in her eyes than a bypass. Later Wednesday, she has another episode. They decided to start a nitro drip. Tom had to go back home so I was left without a vehicle (which I didn't need anyway).

Thursday began with the heart cath. Thankfully it showed no blockage as they thought but did show that her heart was having spasms. The good news? It can be treated with medicine. :) Mom was ecstatic! So happy! Prayers had been answered and God performed a miracle. :)

Around one o'clock, the nurse gave mom a new medicine. About 40 minutes later, she started vomiting and had a horrible migraine. We associated the medicine with her being so ill, but it could have been a combination of the new medicine and all that nitro she had been given. Mom said she needed Stadol but was told they couldn't give her that. So, after Morphine, Phenergan, Imitrex, and something else I don't remember, they had to give her Ativan to knock her out in order to have a CT Scan. They were concerned with her brain since no meds would work to knock the migraine out. Thankfully the Ativan kept her knocked out for a while so my step-dad and I went home to sleep.

When we got back to the hospital Friday morning, we were told mom was sick around 2 a.m. but because she went back to sleep, they didn't call us. However, when she woke up, she was still sick with a headache. Finally the nurse listened to her and got some Stadol. After one nasal dose, within a matter of seconds, her headache was bearable and no more vomiting!!! An hour later she was given a second dose. The headache went away for quite a while. It only came back as a small headache. I was doing the happy dance!! Because she was doing 110% better, I was able to arrange a ride half way home where Tom was able to meet me and bring me home.

So, wouldn't you agree this past week was crazy? :) I'm looking forward to a quiet week. :)


  1. Oh my- how stressful for you all! SO glad that your mom is better and I am praying for your week to stay calm!

  2. Thank you Merit!! It was a rough week for sure. Hope you have a great week as well!!