Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What An Interesting Day!

We attend a co-op that we love. Love most of the people there and they love us. :) Deciding a while ago that we wouldn't be going back this fall caused some much needed stress relief. No lesson plans to prepare, no classes to teach, etc. made me a happy camper. Well, as the semester winds down (we have one week left of regular classes) I have been saying my goodbye's. This has not been going well. So many of my dear friends and moms whose kids are best friends with my kids, have been asking us to stay. My best friend, Debbie, has been on this roller coaster ride with me - listening to me say I'm coming back, then I'm not, then I might, ARGH! I'm glad she still loves me. :) Anyway, just found out that there is an opening on the set-up crew. That requires coming to the location to set up tables and chairs on the Sunday before classes. We can SO do this. So, I have my phone calls and emails out to the "powers that be" to see if that's a possibility for us. If so, we'll be going back to our beloved co-op in the fall. If not, then it wasn't meant to be and we'll continue on the path we were treading already. Just makes for a crazy day. :)


  1. Which co-op are y'all in? Every year I throw around the idea, but haven't made the leap since moving to Texas.

  2. N-Tech. :) We love it. It does have its ups and downs for us, but the ups are longer lasting than the downs are. :)