Friday, July 13, 2012

The Day My Daughter Fell in Love....

I'm not quite sure when it happened, but it has. My daughter, Natalie, has fallen in love. Now, before you start asking all kinds of questions, let me tell you about her recent trip.

Nat went on a mission trip to Nicaragua this past week. Jinotepe to be exact. She came home today very tired but super excited to share her adventures with us. I heard about the people, the climate, the life. Seems that the people in Nicaragua are super friendly even though they are dirt poor. At least the ones she met were.

She visited the marketplace with fresh fruits and vegetables. She ate lots of plantain bananas, rice, and beans.  She took lots, and I do mean lots, of photos. I'll add a few to this blog post later. I just want to get it written first. :) And go to sleep. It is after midnight and I'm sleepy. So, technically, she came home yesterday.

So, I guess for time's sake, I'll go ahead and tell you that Natalie fell in love with Nicaragua. She loves the people, the kids, especially the ones at the orphanage, and the area. God blessed her with this trip. He reminded her of what He has been leading her towards and that is teaching children. Natalie has a heart for kids, always has. I'm looking forward to seeing where God leads her. Please pray for her. She has lots of decisions to make.

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