Saturday, August 4, 2012

Our Week in Review

It has been an eventful week. To start with, Natalie is in East Texas and will be visiting her aunt's church tomorrow to give her presentation from her Nicaragua mission trip this past July. This church took up a donation to help fund her recent trip and so now she is following up with them and is looking forward to sharing how much God blessed her and tell them of what He has called her to do. I'm so excited for her. She loves sharing about Christ and she will be in her element tomorrow for sure. :)She'll also get to go visit with my mom who I know is looking forward to spending time with her second granddaughter. :)

Also this week we welcomed a new member to our family. A friend and co-worker of one of my kid's moved in with us. She's a very sweet girl that needs some time to sort things out in her life and we're blessed to be able to help guide her. Please pray for her as she has lots of decisions to make and that we are an encouragement to her.

On Thursday, my sixteen year old son along with me & Tom, met with a young lady and her parents for a time of interviewing. :) He was questioned by the girl's dad because my son asked permission to date her. It was great. I loved watching my son's emotions. He was all smiles. :) Plus a bit nervous. ;) Oh, the dad gave permission. Also, we don't "date", we do a modified courtship. Should be a fun season. :)

I went school supply shopping today. Looks like Walgreens will have lots of goodies on sale tomorrow. I'm looking forward to visiting a store or two after church tomorrow. Is it crazy to love shopping for school supplies? :)

Tom has been working on Courtney's car all day today. Hopefully he'll be happy with the results by bedtime. :) I think that's all the updates for this week. Thanks for following. :)

Please remember to pray for Natalie. If you feel led, please consider donating to her Nicaragua Mission Fund. You can find the Chipin link in my sidebar. Every little bit helps. :)

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