Friday, September 28, 2012

My BZZKit - Hidden Valley Ranch Review

I am a BzzAgent and like to share my honest opinion of products. I receive free products and share my opinion whether positive or negative. That said, I received a kit of Hidden Valley Original Ranch. My kit contained: a bottle of Hidden Valley Original Ranch Dressing, Hidden Valley Original Ranch Salad Dressing & Seasoning Mixes, my BzzGuide, and coupons to share with others who love Ranch Dressing!

Since I was making mashed potatoes one night to feed my large family, I added a packet of the Dressing & Seasoning Mix to a 5 pound bag of boiled potatoes. It was yum! Everyone who ate the potatoes loved them. Now I did add the regular salt, pepper, milk and butter, but the Ranch Dressing Mix made it pop.

As for the bottle of Ranch dressing, well, I have a couple of kids who eat just about any food with it so it has disappeared. We've always been fans of Hidden Valley and encourage you to try both their bottled and seasoning mix to add flavor and excitement to your dishes. (I heard it makes a great chicken marinade.)

Let me know if you try it and if so, share your recipe.

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