Friday, September 28, 2012

Box of I.D.E.As Review


Box of I.D.E.As = Ideally Dynamic Enrichment Activities

I received a physical box with 10 idea packets inside all dealing with salt. I really like the ability to just grab a packet and take off to our destination for learning on the go. (They don't have to be used in any particular order and each packet stands alone.) Although the packets are labeled with what supplies you will need, I suggest you go through and double check to see if anything needs to be cut apart before you "grab and go". I would like for the company to list scissors as a needed supply if the papers need to be cut apart for use as we found out we needed items to be cut and didn't have scissors readily available.

We learned quite a bit about salt with these modules. We have a break between morning and afternoon church so we took some packets to church to work on between services. We also just grabbed a packet to work on during our down time at home. I absolutely love the convenience of these packets.

Speaking of packets, the packets are large zip type bags holding all the contents you need to complete the module. On the front is a label identifying the contents and includes a list of materials needed. Most of ours needed only a pencil. Several packets include fact cards and there are various ways you can use those to learn more about the topic.

Some of our salt topics are: "Preserving with Salt", "The Salt March", "The History of Salt" and "The Language of Salt" to name a few. Some of these modules have "go-fish" type of games where others are more like "matching" or regular board games. One module "Need For Salt" teaches you what the recommended daily allowance for sodium intake is and helps you plan dishes using a menu planner (included) and activity worksheets. Each box includes a summary test and is designed to be given as a timed test to offer practice for SAT/ACT exams.

My kids stated that "some of the modules are fun and some are confusing and would need an adult to help explain it."

The physical box costs $79 and the downloaded version runs $49. There are different topics to choose from like laundry, World War II, quilting, and even the number eleven. Several more topics are coming soon. The suggested age is 9-16.

Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Crew, I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.


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