Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bethany's Neuro Visit

We took Bethany to her neurologist today for a check up. The doctor wants us to take her in for a 23 hour VEEG (Video EEG). We're all in agreement. So, the scheduler at the hospital will be calling us shortly to schedule her visit. Why the VEEG? Well, she hasn't had any noticeable seizures but we want to see what her brain is doing off meds. She hasn't had a non-medicated EEG since she was 8 months old. Anyway, we suspect spikes and the EEG will let us see if she is or isn't. One huge positive is that we were in and out of there within 40 minutes. Sure beats the doctor being over an hour late to our appointed time. First morning appointments are the way to go!!

After the visit we went to IHOP. The cheesecake pancakes are great. :)

Have a blessed day!!

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