Monday, March 26, 2012

Migraine or Seizure?

My youngest child has Epilepsy. She's had it since birth. Something odd happened yesterday that is making me question whether or not it *could* have been a seizure. You see, she's been medicated since she turned 9 months old and has been seizure free for over 3 years now if not longer. She is 9 and has never really been able to tell us what happens during a seizure of hers. When she was a baby, she would cry or whimper, crawl over to me so I would hold her, then collapse. She slept a lot too. Her seizures have been mostly absent. She has had one grand mal and that's what got her diagnosed way back when. 

Anyway, yesterday. We were at church. She started complaining of her right eye hurting and feeling weird. I looked at it and it looked fine. We went back to singing and didn't think anything of it. Then she said her head hurt and she came over to me, laid down on my lap, and went to sleep. Now, not a little sleep. I mean 100% out. Deep sleep. She slept for a good 20 minutes I'd say. Then she woke up and was fine. She said her head still hurt some but if it did, it didn't bother her very much. I immediately thought migraine. We have many kids in our family with them and that made sense. Then my husband questioned whether or not it could have been a seizure since she did the same thing when she was a baby. 

Do you have any thoughts?

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  1. Sounds like a seizure to me. :( Poor baby sister.