Sunday, September 30, 2012

Over The Edge Review

I just finished reading The Kincaid Brides Book 3 Over The Edge by Mary Connealy. I have previously read Book 1 and you can read my review here. I know I read Book 2 but I can't seem to find the review. Oh well, it was good too. haha

Over The Edge takes place in 1866. This story is all about Seth Kincaid and his WIFE! Who knew he was married?!?! Obviously he didn't. :) Anyway, Seth's wife comes to find him after her father has died and poor Seth didn't remember being married much less being a daddy.

Callie is Seth's wife and she is NOT happy being abandoned by her husband, especially when she needed him the most. Thankfully she is skilled with a gun and is able to protect herself, her son, and others on the stage coach from bandits. She has to travel quite a distance to try to find Seth's family (she assumed he was dead...if he wasn't already he was going to be when she found him!) so hopefully they'd help her out. She finds out a lot more than she bargained for.

I highly recommend this series. Sometimes you can read just one book out of the series and get the idea, however, this set was so good, I recommend all three books.

I received this book for free from BethanyHouse in exchange for my honest opinion. No other compensation was received or expected. 

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