Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Recent Life Events

Well, for the past couple of weeks I have been in my own little world. I kinda like being there. . . with my head buried in the sand. . . but it's not good for those around me so I gotta pick myself up, brush off, and get going in the right direction.

Last Friday I received a call that a fellow pastor had gone on to Glory. You may remember him. His name is Bro. Marc. I took a devotional or two, well, actually three, from him and put it on my blog. He was always willing for me to take what he wrote because like he said, it wasn't his, it was God's and if it would reach more people, then good. :) Bro. Marc was cool like that. Didn't have to worry about him copyrighting his stuff. :) I can still hear his voice as I read his posts. I hope I always remember his calm, precise voice, with accent. His lovely wife, a dear, dear friend of mine and accomplice in all things troublemaking, is now a widow. Bro. Marc was 55. I'll not share Becky's age but she is around that age. Anyway, her entire life is now upside down. She will move out of the parsonage and into her parent's home. Her son lives there too. It's 3 hours from me. Although she currently lives only 30-40 minutes from me, I have been too busy to go visit her. For that, I feel horrible. I love this woman to death. I'm notorious for that. I either love you for life or really, really dislike you. I guess I do tolerate some people, but I'm pretty extreme one way or the other. Anyway, my heart bleeds for my friend. She's always been a pastor's wife. What will she do next? Only God knows. I will be the friend that she needs me to be though.

Our newest daughter, Calli, is adjusting well. She has her ups and downs but is a delight. Providing we are able to go through with the adoption (totally letting her decide) we will change her name to Calli Noelle. We chose Noelle for the phrase "now all is well" which was shortened to "noel" and I like flowy, so I added "le" to the end. :) As Tom said (who wanted just Noel), "I didn't get to choose with the others, why am I not surprised I didn't get to choose with this one?!" Ah, he'll live. ;) Noelle is prettier. :) And Calli is a beautiful, graceful young lady and it fits her better.

Natalie is now safely in Diriamba, Nicaragua. I've video chatted with her twice today. She just arrived yesterday. I promised to not hound her daily. I may have lied. lol

I think that's all I have to say for now. I'm going to go see if my bank is back online now. I was going to do my banking but the site was down and like I said earlier, my head's been in the sand so I haven't even looked at my accounts for a week or two. Not a smart move. Until later...

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